Sailboat Coloring Pages

Today, you can find the coloring pages of the sailboat here. You can choose the images you like then color them as you like. Happy coloring.

The sailboat is composed of a hull that in the sea is divided into two by the waterline (waterline). The lower part is the living work (the one in contact with the sea). The upper part is the dead work.

Sailboat Coloring Pages

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In the living work, we find the drift with possibly an additional weight added said bulb and the rudder blade.

The right side of the hull is said to be straight while the left side keeps its name.

The front part (bow) of the hull is called straight forward, and the metal “railing” above it is the bow pulpit.

Finally, the rear (stern) part of the hull is the transom with its aft pulpit above it.

Around the hull, to protect the crew from falling into the sea, we have the metal guardrail composed of dragnets (horizontal) and candlesticks (vertical elements), while at the side, to protect the hull in port, there are buffers called fenders.

The area where the crew works and where the rudder and maneuvers are positioned is called the cockpit. At the same time, the upper part of the boat from where you access the cabins is called the deckhouse.

The sail plan is generally composed of mainsail and jib. At the base of the mainsail, we have the boom, where at least one header has given the sailors.

The mast to which the mainsail is hooked is supported laterally by cables called shrouds, the cable towards the bow that supports it is the forestay (where the jib is hooked) while the one towards the stern is generally the backstay.

The tops used to adjust the sails are called sheeting, while those used to hoist them are called halyards. Both are usually maneuvered using winches or winches, while the winch is used to move the anchor.