Car Coloring Pages Ideas

The car is a four-wheeled vehicle driven by its engine used to transport a limited number of passengers on the roads.

It is said to go, travel by car, to make the vehicle means to buy it for the first time. On this page, you can get the collection of car coloring pictures with no charge. Happy coloring.

Car Coloring Pages

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There are racing cars (or competition cars), used for sports competitions; electric cars, which run on an engine powered by electricity; sports cars, generally two-seater and very fast.

Also, utility cars are efficient and sold at a low cost; second-hand, used, second-hand vehicles, i.e., vehicles that have already been used and then resold after a while at a lower price than when they were new.

It is called the car cemetery, the depot for cars that are now out of use and destined for demolition.

To drive a car, you must have a driving license, which in Italy is obtained after passing a theoretical and practical exam and after turning 18.

The word automobile is often abbreviated to a car: armored cars are cars generally of blue color driven by drivers used by politicians or officials of the political, administrative, financial world.

Owl cars are those without identification marks used by police officers without uniform to surprise more quickly those who break the law; armored cars are cars protected by bulletproof armor-plating.

Funeral cars are cars equipped to transport corpses during funerals; pirate cars are cars whose driver, after hitting someone, does not stop to help him.