Printable Airplane Coloring Pages

Do you look for an airplane to color? Now you can find these fantastic images ob this page. Please choose your favorites below then color them as you like. Happy coloring.

The word ‘plane’ is an acronym created by the engineer Clément Ader, in France, who pioneered aviation in the 19th century,” some explain.

Airplane Coloring Pages

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Airplanes are classified according to their function so that three broad groups of aircraft can be found.

Commercial Aircraft is a model specially built for the transport of passengers and the most used by airlines. They are usually divided into two categories: single-aisle and double-aisle aircraft.

One of the best-selling single-aisle aircraft is the Boeing 737, and the passenger aircraft with the largest capacity is the Airbus A380, which can seat up to 800 people inside.

Cargo aircraft is also known as a transport plane, as it is used to transport goods and large objects. They do not have seats or other elements necessary for the transport of individuals.

There are specific airlines, and they are characterized indifference to other models by a wider fuselage.

Since they usually store large loads, higher wings so that the load is closer to the ground, more significant wheels, more resistant and more prominent, and a more upper tail since the door is in the back part of the airplane.

The primary function of Military aircraft is the use for war purposes, either for attack or defense. Many models differ according to the needs, so attack planes may be used to destroy elements as enemy targets.

You can also find the Bomber, which can transport war loads such as bombs or missiles, which will be dropped on the enemies. Fighter planes are designed and equipped to shoot down and intercept targets in the air and reach very high speeds quickly.

Once we have defined the different types of planes that exist, we will give a wink to our childhood, where we can mention the paper planes.

How many of us will not have made an unlimited number of these planes to launch and see which one went the furthest.