Printable Airbus Coloring Pages

Each airline is free to name its aircraft as it wishes, but manufacturers have a precise nomenclature for each type of aircraft leaving their factories.

It is a scheme that has been in place for a century, and which Airbus and Boeing still maintain. You can get the coloring pages of an airbus here. Happy coloring.

Airbus Coloring Pages

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Airbus S.A.S. Known as Airbus is a pan-European aeronautical and aerospace company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace equipment.

It was created in 2001 in Toulouse, France, as a S.A.S. (Simplified Joint Stock Company, from the French: Société par Actions Simplifiée).

Previously, it had been a consortium called Airbus Industrie, which was not responsible for the aircraft’s manufacturing process, but for merely coordinating the design and sales process.

The model designation scheme is simple: the first letter represents the manufacturer, and the numbers usually correlate to the chronology in which they were produced.

The latest model being developed by Airbus is the A350. This model comes in response to the B787 model from Boeing.

Initially, it was presented as a derivative of the existing A330, with improvements in aerodynamics, engines, avionics, and interiors.

Still, market demand, as well as the performance that the future B787 was to offer, led Airbus to completely redesign the model and present an almost entirely new aircraft.

The model was renamed the A350XWB (Extra Wide Body), which refers to the new airframe section, which is broader than that used on the A330 and A340).

The new model would thus be able to compete directly with the B787 in terms of performance, consumption, and operating costs, although it will be seen whether it will beat the B787.

During the world economic crisis, and due to the airlines’ problems with falling passenger numbers, it has cut production of the A380 to 14, given discounts to the first A380 customers, and reduced production of its A330 model to 5 aircraft per month.