Watermelon Coloring Pages Ideas For Kids

The watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family (such as the melon), a creeping plant native to tropical Africa. Today you can get these fruits on the following coloring pictures here.

The watermelon or watermelon is a fruit with a round or oval shape and is very voluminous and heavy, weighing up to 20-25 kg. There are about 50 species of watermelon.

Watermelon Coloring Pages

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The watermelon’s skin must be smooth, hard, and bright green, although it may have white streaks or yellow patches that do not compromise the quality of the fruit.

The watermelon ripens from June to September, so it is a typical summer fruit. It has many therapeutic properties; let’s discover them together.

The ripe fruit has red flesh, fragrant, and rich in seeds, which can be either black, white, or yellow, depending on the quality of the watermelon.

Watermelon is a fruit rich in water, which accounts for about 95%, and has high satiating power. Its calorie content is shallow: 100 grams of watermelon provides only 30 calories.

These characteristics make it a precious ally of the diet. Watermelon is, therefore a thirst-quenching fruit, perfect for summer.

It contains different types of vitamins and minerals, so it is excellent for recovering substances lost through sweating and in case of exhaustion due to summer heat.

It also contains different types of antioxidants such as lycopene, to which it owes its red color. The watermelon also has aphrodisiac properties.

It is attributed to a “viagra effect” because of a substance, the citrulline, contained mainly in the white part and in the green skin, which has a vasodilator effect that is also good for the heart.

The watermelon is a natural moisturizer when in summer, you feel the skin dry because of too much sun taken. The seeds, macerated with the pulp, are an excellent replenisher for hair damaged by salt and sun.

The watermelon is made up of water for about 90 – 95% and is a deficient calorie food, containing only 15 to 20 for every 100 grams, but is rich in mineral salts and vitamins A and C.