Printable Tree Coloring Pages

A tree is a perennial woody plant that develops in height. Please browse this page to get the tree coloring pictures to print. Choose your favorites below, happy coloring.

The tree has a woody stem, called trunk, which usually begins to branch a few meters above the ground.

Printable Tree Coloring Pages

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The set of branches and leaves determines the foliage, which can have different shapes depending on the species and environmental conditions.

Trees can be distinguished from shrubs not by their size but by the presence of an identifiable trunk with no initial branches (there are willows, trees in all respects, with creeping posture and only a few centimeters high).

Tree wood is an energy source (direct combustion and charcoal) and building material (entire houses, beams, ships, furniture, everyday and artistic objects).

Also, from trees, often cultivated for this purpose, cellulose is obtained for the production of paper.

Each tree has its characteristic shape derived from the conformation of the trunk (development in height and diameter) and the set of ramifications.

The ramifications can be monopodial or sympodial. The tree with the largest trunk circumference is the baobab: even more than 40 m in circumference. The foliage of the tree consists of leaves and branches.

The tree tries to grow by intercepting as much energy as possible: fighting for sunlight. In the forest, there are sovereign trees. You can see them right away.

they are majestic, very tall, big; they take up all the space. Nothing else grows around them, except blades of grass, or at most low bushes, only if they can find the energy to do so.

The branches of the kings of the forest extend in all directions. Under their hats, however, grow other, smaller trees.

A large tree has at least 200,000 leaves, which, according to botanists, occupy about 1000 square meters. Small trees try to find their place.

They don’t always make it. The king excludes them from the bath of light. You can see many small trees around the king and minor dignitaries of his court if you look carefully at the forest.

Some even bowing to the lord and master of the clearing. If we could measure the age of these little trees, we would find that it is remarkable.

Some of them are even 100 years old, as happens in certain woods in northern Europe, but also in the southern forests, in south Italy, in southern Greece.

There there there will be less undergrowth due to the heat and drought, but the trees around are different ages: from 100 to a few dozen.

Many trees born under the giant die in a short time and are transformed into humus to feed the king of the clearing. Only if the big tree gets sick and dies, is their room to grow.