Strawberry Coloring Pages Printable

The strawberry is a bright red, delicious, and fragrant fruit obtained from the plant of the same name. You get these delicious fruits on the following coloring pages below.

Strawberries are highly appreciated for their pleasant aroma and appetite-stimulating effect. They are easily digestible and have an excellent laxative effect due to their fiber, pigments, acids, and enzymes.

Strawberry Coloring Pages

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Its richness in essential minerals gives it the property of stimulating the metabolism. Strawberries grew spontaneously for a long time in the woods.

It took a long time to be cultivated because it was a very fragile fruit and because a permanent occupation of the soil was necessary to obtain a maximum harvest of one month per year.

The edible fruit is commonly called “etherium”. It is a false fruit formed by the receptacle, in which the achenes (pips) are found, small and light-colored in part exposed to the shade and dark reddish the region exposed to the sun.

Achenes may be sunken, shallow, or protruding from the pulp. They can also be very or very few.

The protrusions increase the surface resistance, but many of them come off during washing. Generally, the consumer prefers fruit with few achenes as these have the disadvantage of staying between the teeth when bitten.

The central part of the fruit or “heart” can be very or little developed, and there can be fruit with an “empty heart”.

This is a negative character. The fruits can be of various shapes, depending on the cultivar: conical, cone-elongated, cone-rounded, spheroidal, oblate, reniform (kidney-shaped).

It’s usually picked up in early summer. Generally, wild strawberries are smaller than cultivated ones, but their taste and aroma is better and more sweet-sour.

Strawberries and strawberries are low in calories. Its energy value per 100 g of fresh edible fruit ranges from 27 to 34 kcal. After water, its principal constituent is carbohydrates.

Fructose accounts for almost half of their carbohydrates, and the rest is mostly glucose. It has a low percentage of protein. This berry is an excellent source of vitamin C.

This fruit is easily digestible and has an excellent laxative effect. Its contraindications are few; only people with stomach pathologies due to their acidity should consume it with prudence.

When these fruits are consumed in compote or jam, they lose many of their nutritional properties. If the strawberries are ripe, they are usually eaten raw, with yogurt or ice cream.

They are also sprinkled with cream or liquor and dipped in chocolate are delicious. The worst-looking strawberries are used to prepare cakes, mousses, souffl├ęs, flans, and pies.