Printable Spinach Coloring Pages

Spinach is a green-leafed plant, very popular because of its close link to the human diet. You can get the coloring pictures of spinach here. Please choose your favorites below. Happy coloring.

It is considered a food with many properties, although some of them have been magnified due to a scientific error. Its scientific name is Spinacia oleracea, and it belongs to the family of the Amaranthaceae.

Spinach Coloring Pages

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It is a plant that can be cultivated all year round and can withstand low temperatures, making it suitable for various climates.

Spinach is an herbaceous plant that can be annual and some varieties, perennial. They are about 1 meter high, their stems are simple and little branched.

Its leaves are fleshy, oblong. On the other hand, the root is pivotal, little branched, and superficial.

In the first phase, it develops leaves that form rosettes. These are petiolated, with margins that can be sinuous or whole.

The appearance of the leaves is soft, slightly curly or smooth, and even dented. In the second phase, the spinach develops a floral stem that can reach 80 centimeters in height.

From it are born flowers of a greenish color, and to the being a plant of the type dioica, it has masculine and feminine flowers.

It is essential to clarify that numerous hybrid varieties have been developed that have allowed obtaining male and female specimens.

This has facilitated getting new hybrids with better flavor, color, texture, and resistance to different climates.

After the flowering, a fructification is produced in some pointed achenes. These fruits are, finally, the seeds that have a germination capacity of 4 years, and in a gram of seeds can contain up to 100 units.

Most spinach is composed of water, which exceeds 90%, which also has a low percentage of carbohydrates as well as fat, which is why nutritionists so recommend them as a food that can be part of our diet if we want to regulate or lose a little weight.

The groups of vitamins that spinach contains are E, A, C, and also vitamin B, which offers antioxidant action. It regulates vision so that it is in excellent condition in those people who suffer from eye problems.

It is suitable for skin, hair, bones, mucous membranes, and the immune system in general, being one of the most appropriate foods to prevent diseases that affect the heart and degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Spinach is a food that can be an excellent treatment against anemia. It also occurs in the formation of white blood cells, in the absorption of iron found in food and even in resistance against infection.

Its high phosphate content makes it an ideal food for pregnant women since it can prevent malformations in the fetus.