Rose Coloring Pages To Print

The rose has an exceptional reputation, fuelled by its beauty, almost universal diffusion, and the fascinating legends that surround it.

On this page, you can find the coloring pages of rose. You can print them then color them with your favorite colors. So let us pick your favorites below and have fun.

Rose Coloring Pages To Print

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Among the primitive species, the Gallic rose is considered the progenitor of all European garden roses.

It was later crossed with the Damask rose, which arrived from Damascus following the first Crusaders.

Over the centuries, the cultivation of roses, aimed primarily at obtaining double flowers, has developed and perfected so much that some species and varieties, such as modern hybrids, have almost completely lost their first floral peculiarities.

Modern shrub roses have retained many of the characteristics of ancient roses: they bloom once or twice during the summer and carry single or bunched flowers in a wide range of shades.

These plants should be cared for just like all other types of shrubs. First of all, you need to hoe, water, and fertilize the flowerbed that is intended to house them carefully.

Larger than bush roses, and very robust, shrub roses require only two fertilisations: one in spring and the second in mid-summer.

Their need for pruning is minimal: although they can survive for a few years without adequate topping, in spring, it is advisable to prune the stems of a third and remove the diseased or dead wood.

Shrub roses produce one of the most beautiful blooms. Most have a well-defined flowering period, often quite short and located at the height of summer; they all give off an intense scent and produce flowers with enchanting shades.

Although there are exciting varieties created in the last century, some shrub roses have been known for centuries; for this reason, they are often called “ancient roses”.

Madame Hardy, an ancient damask, is considered one of the most beautiful white shrub roses. Its bunches of small pink flowers distinguish the modern Ballerina rose.

The wrinkled rose Frau Dagmar Hastrup is very suitable for the creation of low-growing hedges.

The arched Fruhlins-gold has an abundant creamy yellow bloom. Its flowers make it particularly suitable for cultivation in isolated locations, which highlights its majestic beauty.