Raspberry Coloring Pages To Print

The raspberry is one of the main fruits of Europe, much used in the gastronomy of the center and north of this continent. Get the coloring pages of raspberry here.

You can print then color them with your favorite colors. It is derived from the raspberry or sangueso, which grows wild in countries with temperate climates.

Raspberry Coloring Pages

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It is a bushy plant that can reach two meters high, with an abundant amplitude, the raspberry root system is mainly on the surface of the soil and is composed of both woody roots and more exceptional consistency.

The stem has a woody consistency, thanks to its anatomical structure formed by many fibers or vessels, and contains some thorns.

Rubus idaeus has pinnate composite leaves, with five or seven oval-shaped leaflets and a serrated or toothed margin. The leaves have alternate phyllotaxis on their branches.

The color of the raspberry leaves is green in the superior epidermis, with whitish tonalities in the lower skin.

It has flowers grouped in inflorescences, approximately in several ten per group, and with a size of 1 cm in diameter per bulb.

They are complete since they are formed by the four floral whorls (calyx, corolla, stamens, and pistils), besides that they are hermaphrodites.

The raspberry flowers have a corolla made up of five whitish petals, which are striking both for their appearance and for their smell and nectar to pollinating insects (more information on pollination in invertebrates).

The calyx of Rubus idaeus is made up of five sepals maintained throughout the flowering period, and are therefore called persistent.

The raspberry fruit is an aggregate edible fruit, formed by the union of several individual fruits to a receptacle or thalamus.

Each unit is a fleshy fruit type drupe, juicy, with pleasant smell and taste, inside which is located a seed. The color of the fruit, as some of its common names indicate, is red.