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Pineapple is a plant belonging to the Bromeliaceae family, and the word comes from the name of the fruit in the language of the Guarani Indios.

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One of the main properties of Pineapple is to promote digestion. This property is due to a particular substance, bromelain, whose function is to break down proteins by reducing them into amino acids and thus improving their elimination.

The bromelain, it is good to specify, is found mainly in the central part of the fruit, which is the one that is generally discarded.

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The Pineapple, besides this vital property, also has a diuretic, purifying, and detoxifying function. It is also essential for preventing cellulite or for its absorption in the case of dietary regimes.

This “royal pinecone” as the first Europeans who tasted it defined it, is composed of 90% water and the remaining 10 of a mix of minerals (iodine, manganese, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus), amino acids, proteins and vitamins (vitamins A, B, and C).

The plants tend to produce one or two Pineapples without following a specific seasonality. It has a very low-calorie content is very appreciated in all recipes, both sweet and salty.

Pineapple is one of the best known and consumed yellow fruits, like Bananas. However, it carries with it a history of production not easy and not always fair.

The plantations where it is produced are among the protagonists of the significant conditions of exploitation in the field of agriculture and food, along with the farms of bananas and sugar cane.

It is essential, therefore, to be able to fully appreciate this fruit, without being the victim of a ferocious bombardment of pesticides and herbicides and without increasing a trade that has little ethics, to buy Pineapples from certified or fair trade plantations.