Papaya Coloring Pages

Papaya is a shrub-like plant. Native to Central America, its cultivation extends from the Dominican Republic to Argentina. Now, you can get these fruits on the following coloring pictures here.

You can print then color them with your favorite colors. The images are available without any purchase. So, let us choose the pictures you like below. Happy coloring.

Papaya Coloring Pages

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It is appreciated for its sweet and edible fruits, used for the elaboration of diverse dishes, sweets, and fresh fruit.

It belongs to the Caricaceae family, and its scientific name is Carica papaya. The fruit of the papaya has some valuable nutritional properties.

The papaya plant is an evergreen tree with a single thin stem that ranges from 8 to 30 centimeters in diameter, and without branches unless the bark is damaged.

It is short height characterizes it: usually 3 to 6 meters, but it can reach 10 meters. Since it is considered a tree, it is correct to call its non-woody stem a trunk.

Thus, it is hollow inside, green or slightly purple or grayish, and with scars caused by the pointed leaves’ position.

It has wide, webbed leaves with seven or even nine lobes; they measure between 50 and 70 centimeters in diameter and have a petiole of 0.3 to 1 meter in length.

These leaves are perennial. That is to say, although they fall every 4-6 months, they come out again throughout the year, so the plant is never free of them.

Its color is yellowish-green or completely yellow. Both the leaves and the stem release a white substance when they are injured.

The red papaya is a very well-considered fruit for treating digestive problems, so it is highly recommended for people who have difficulty making correct digestion.

It is also highly recommended for people who suffer from complications such as pancreatitis or who have dyspepsia, that is, high production of gases in the body.

Due to the link between gases and the menstrual cycle, it is usually advised that women consume papaya during ovulation and menstruation.

Our primary fruit contains an enzyme called papain, which gives it these powerful virtues for our digestive organs, such as allowing juice production in the pancreas, something necessary for proper digestion.

Also, it has beta-carotene, which helps fight gastritis or stomach ulcers. Also, to protect and take care of the liver, the consumption of papaya is very recommended.