Beautiful Orchid Coloring Pages To Print

An orchid is a group of plants called monocots that can be distinguished from other families by the complexity of their leaves.

On this page, you can find the beautiful orchid coloring pictures. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. So, let us choose your favorites below and have fun.

Orchid Coloring Pages

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The first thing to know is that the periodontium, that is, the part that envelops the sexual organs or the non-reproductive part is triangular.

This is formed by three external pieces that receive the name of sepals, being distributed one in the dorsal part and two in the lateral ones.

Besides, three internal elements are called petals being one of them modified in a lip of greater size and with a more intense color than the other two.

This modification of the third petal, which is joined to a phenomenon of resupination or torsion by placing it in the lower part of the flower, attracts pollinating animals.

But in some species, there are individual structural variations that facilitate pollination by a particular species such as insects, birds, or bats.

The different pieces that make up the perianth can be found separated from each other or fused at the base.

On the other hand, the sepals, or as it can also be called external tepals, are generally imbricated petaloid shaped like petals. Sometimes the lateral sepals are fused into an element called the synsepals.

Different colors and spots usually separate the inner petals or tepals.

The middle petal is called the labellum, which is larger than the petals on the sides, and its shape is extremely variable from one genus of orchid to another.

But despite its variability, it is, in a way, the most complex piece and a specific organ of the orchids. It can have a lobed shape, in which case you would say that there are one central lobe and two lateral ones.orchids

They have shiny areas, ridges, keels, or bumps that are called calluses. They often develop a spur or orchid bulb usually directed down or back where the nectary is located. They may be extended and thin or appear as a rounded sac.