Printable Orange Coloring Pages Ideas

When we hear about the orange, its high content of vitamin C usually comes to mind, but what else does this rich fruit offer us?

These fruits will offer us happiness because you can color the orange coloring pictures here. You can choose the images you like to print. So let us color them.

Orange Coloring Pages

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The orange is a round fruit, orange color, consumed mostly in winter. The pulp inside is also orange and consists of small bags filled with juice.

The orange is used for fresh consumption and, for industry, mainly in juice.

Its origin is in Asia, specifically in southeast China and the Malaysian archipelago. Its extension through the East was thanks to the historical Silk Route.

The central producing countries are Brazil, United States, Spain (Valencia, Murcia, Seville, and Huelva), Italy, Mexico, India, Israel, Argentina, and China.

The orange, together with the banana and the apple, is one of the most consumed fruits in the world.

The orange is a citrus fruit, and its shape is usually round or oval, and its skin and flesh is generally orange, except in the red pulp varieties.

From the orange are also extracted essential oils widely used in perfumery and cosmetics.

The orange is a fruit whose consumption is mainly focused on the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it is available outside the winter season thanks to producing countries like Argentina, Brazil, United States, Spain, etc.

Many different varieties differ in shape, size, and color of the pulp: orange or red, in flavor as there are sweeter or more acidic oranges, in the time of ripening and the existence or not of seeds.

The harvesting period is from the beginning of October to mid-June, depending on the variety.

The internal and external ripening of the oranges is governed by different mechanisms so that many times a fruit that reaches maturity to be marketed.

Still, its color is not suitable to enter the market, so these fruits will undergo a process of degreening, causing the coloring of the fruit. To this end, the fruit is harvested green and treated with ethylene in extraordinary chambers.

Keeping the oranges in cold stores at a temperature slightly above their freezing point prolongs the period of right organoleptic conditions of the fruit and reduces fungi’s attack.