Onion Coloring Pages Free Ideas

Onion is a productive vegetable of the Liliaceae family, native to Asia, Turkey, and other regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Get the onion coloring pages here. Happy coloring.

Widely It is used in our recipes, all over the world, it has a particular flavor and nutritional properties that can help us improve our health.

Onion Coloring Pages

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Before starting to grow this vegetable, it is advisable to know the climatic conditions that it requires so that you can decide if you can build it in your home or plot.

Allium cepa is a biennial plant. That is, it germinates, reproduces, and dies within two years, but it is usually kept as an annual and is harvested in its first year.

On the ground, it has long, hollow, cylindrical leaves that grow alternately and whose base is a flattened pod. One side of each leaf is flattened, and in total, they are about 40 centimeters long.

It has fibrous roots, and as it grows, it develops a bulb where it accumulates reserves of nutrients. This bulb is about 10 centimeters in diameter. Its color varies from white to purple.

It produces an inflorescence known as an umbel, in which small white to slightly pink flowers grow on an elongated stem.

The appearance of its seeds may surprise more than one person: they are slightly irregular in shape and bright black. The plant can measure from 15 to 45 centimeters high.