Fresh Lime Coloring Pages To Print

The Lime is a citrus fruit with an exotic touch belonging to the Rutaceae family, the same as the lemon. Get lime coloring pictures on this page.

The Lime originates in Asia by crossing the lemon tree and the cedar tree. However, lemon and Lime are two distinct and different fruits, although they are often confused.

Lime Coloring Pages

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Lime is a tree that grows in tropical climates and, for this reason, is the only non-cultivated plant in the Mediterranean area, excluding Egypt.

Today the Lime is mainly cultivated in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico, and Southeast Asia.

The Lime is fruit still a little ‘unknown on our tables, yet it brings considerable benefits to our body.

First of all is to be an excellent ally in low-calorie diets, with the only 38kcal/100g, has good fiber content, and is very rich in water.

If consumed daily, it can always keep our body always well hydrated with a detoxifying effect.

Also, Lime, like other citrus fruits, has a high content of Vitamin C. Still, less than that of lemon, but has more than double the amount of Vitamin A of the latter and also contains Vitamin E. It is very rich in potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.