Lavender Coloring Pages

Lavender has been used frequently in cosmetics and herbal medicine. On the other hand, you can use the following lavender coloring pictures for fun.

Please choose the images you like then color them as you like. They are waiting for you to be colored. So let’s get them and have fun.

Lavender Coloring Pages

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The production of particular essences and excellent perfumes and, in some cases, also to make superior oils in the phytotherapeutic field.

The lavender flowers are characterized to find a particularly valuable use since ancient times in the medicinal field.

In fact, since ancient times, the flowers of this plant (which in some cases has also been considered magical) were used, in most cases, to obtain lavender essence, which is often still used today.

Certainly, lavender is a plant that gives antibacterial and antiviral properties in the first place and is the ideal solution to combat states of irritation, such as those that affect the colon, or the respiratory tract, proving effective especially against coughs.

This plant has a pleasant and unique fragrance that has made it essential for the fragrance industry.

The characteristic scent of lavender is given by the essential oils produced by glands, located in all the green parts of the plant (flowers, leaves, and stems) but mainly concentrated in the flowers.

The essential oils are present in a variable way in the different Lavandula species and therefore give different aromas.

The most fragrant essential oil is obtained from the species Lavender Angustifolia, Lavandula Stoechas, and Lavandula officinalis.

These oils give it antiseptic, disinfectant, vasodilator, anti-intensive, healing, diuretic, muscular and arthritic pains, and it is also considered a light sedative.

As an aromatic oil, it is used to relieve nausea and as a mild sedative. An infusion can be obtained for disinfecting abrasions, thus eliminating the danger of infection.

Lavender water has mild antiseptic properties and is quite useful as an insect repellent.

The infusion of lavender flowers (10 grams of flowers placed for three minutes in an injection in a 200-milliliter cup) relieves migraines caused by slow digestion.

It also has a relaxing and antiseptic action, so it is useful in the case of laryngitis, halitosis, and flatulence.