Guava Coloring Pages

The Guava is a tropical fruit tree for the refined taste of its sweet and beneficial fruits rich in vitamin C and antioxidant substances.

You can get these beneficial fruits on the following coloring pictures below. Please choose the images you like then color them as you like. They are waiting for you to be colored, so let us have fun.

Guava Coloring Pages

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The Guava is a perennial plant of the Myrtaceae family native to Central and South America, widespread and cultivated in pots in all areas with a mild climate.

It is an evergreen tree that in the countries of origin exceeds 10 meters in height while in our latitudes, it is almost always around 4 meters.

The tree has a strong and deep root system. The trunk is erect, and the foliage is variously branched.

The leaves, oval or lanceolate, are opposite, leathery, and dark green. Some species have the upper page glossy and the lower one opaque and slightly hairy.

The flowers are the same as those of the Myrtle, but they are much more significant, perfumed, and have a corolla made up of 5 broad white petals.

The flowers act as a crown to numerous long creamy white or straw yellow stamens. The flowers carried on the one-year-old branches are solitary or grouped in small groups.

The fruits, lemon-sized and with a pyriform, spherical or elliptical shape, have a smooth or wrinkled yellow-green rind. The flesh has a sweet-sour taste, depending on the variety is yellowish-white or pink or red.

The flesh contains many white seeds with a high germination capacity.

The plant blooms in spring. Late produce large flowers of white, light color: from a distance, a flowering guava tree could remind a huge myrtle of exceptional size.