Flower Coloring Pages

Flowers are striking for their beauty, but we rarely stop to look at their structure, and often we are not even aware of their role in the world of nature.

The flower, this marvel of colors and shapes, is the part of the plant that contains the reproductive organs. Get the flower coloring pages just on this page, happy coloring.

Flower Coloring Pages

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The flower is the reproductive organ of angiosperms. Flowers that have both male and female reproductive organs are called hermaphroditic (or monoic).

Flowers with reproductive organs of only one sex (male or female) are called dioecious.

A hermaphrodite flower is usually made up of four sets of modified leaves, the floral vertices. The vertices are inserted in a specialized branch called a floral receptacle.

Flower Coloring Pages

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The four floral vertices are the chalice, made up of the sepals, the corolla, made up of the petals, the androceu, the stamens, and the gineceu, made up of the carpels.

A flower that presents the four verticillus flowers, that is, chalice, corolla, androceu, and gineceu, is complete. When one or more of these components are missing, the flower is called incomplete.

Sepals are usually green and resemble leaves. They are the outermost parts of the flower and their function is to cover and protect the flower bud before it opens.

The set of sepals forms the floral chalice. Petals are generally colorful and delicate structures and are located inside the sepals. The set of petals forms the corolla.