Creamy Durian Coloring Pages

The world’s most stinking fruit is called durian. Today you can find these creamy fruits on the following coloring pages below. Happy coloring.

It has a fruity taste, a texture with a certain creaminess, and a finish between bitter and fermented.

Durian Coloring Pages

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It is covered with thorns and is about the size of a watermelon. It is consumed in Malaysia and Indonesia. And in Thailand, it is the “king of fruit,” and in China, its demand has grown exponentially.

Durio Ziberthinus is an exotic fruit originating in Asia. It has a strange appearance and a very penetrating smell that few people can usually stand.

However, those who dare to steal it despite the stench it gives off, claim that it is a delicacy with a peculiar taste. This fruit’s consumption and cultivation are widespread in countries like Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam.

One of the most interesting characteristics is that it can only bear fruit once or twice a year, and its ripening process takes three months.

Its intense and ugly smell has been banned in some airports, hotels, and public transport. According to some scientific studies, the durian’s strong smell serves to attract animals to eat it and disperse its seeds.

Durian has excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, besides containing folic acid, zinc, niacin, B6, vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, and calcium among some components, making it an excellent option for various health problems.

It grows on the trees known as durian and is found throughout Southeast Asia. It is an easily recognizable fruit, not only by its intense smell but also by its appearance.

It is of considerable size (up to 30 centimeters long), has an elongated or rounded shape, and is covered with thorns. Its name comes from the Malayan word “duri” which means thorns.

This fruit’s pulp is fleshy and of a yellowish to orange color, with a sweet flavor, although its aroma is difficult to bear. People who want to eat it have to hold their breath because the stench is unbearable for some.

It is an imposing plant (up to 50 meters) typical of tropical climates. Therefore it needs a lot of water and temperatures that never drop below ten degrees.