Sweet Corn Coloring Pages To Print

Corn is an example of a plant that has been modified by humans to make it more abundant and more nutritious. You can get a collection of corn coloring pictures on this page.

You can choose the images you like below then color them with your favorite colors, so happy coloring.

Corn Coloring Pages

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It is a process that has taken thousands of years and has involved the work of hundreds of generations of farmers.

Corn belongs to the plant kingdom, and it is a grass, that is, of the Poaceae family, and the species is called Zea mays. It’s very similar to common grass, the kind we have in our gardens.

The corn plant can grow to an average of 270 to 290 centimeters, although in some species and cultivated in particular locations, and it can grow to more than 3 meters.

Among corn’s characteristics, one cannot fail to mention its typical structure and the parts that form the corn plant.

The stem of the corn is cylindrical and hollow, which makes it somewhat resistant to strong winds, to the wind, or to soils that do not have enough nutrients for its cultivation and evolution.

The leaves of the corn are elongated and a little wavy, they come out alternately, their appearance at the edge of the leaf is rough, they are born very close to the stem, and that is where the ears develop.

It is said that the leaves have great importance in the development and evolution of the grains. Depending on how a corn plant is cultivated, it can have 12 to 24 leaves.

Each corn plant develops two flowers, the upper one is the male flower called spike and has stamens that produce pollen, the lower one is female.

It is wrapped in leaves from which the stigmas protrude to what we know as batch hairs when the pollen from that plant or a nearby fertile female flower grows the fruit.

Each corn grain is an individual fruit, and the whole ear is various fruits like blackberries or pineapples.