Christmas Tree Coloring Pictures

The Christmas tree is the most popular Christmas traditions in the world. It is usually a fir tree decorated with colorful objects: lights, festoons, balls, sweets.

On this page, you can get Christmas tree coloring pictures. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. They are waiting for you to be colored, so happy coloring.

Christmas Tree Coloring Pictures

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It is prepared a few weeks before Christmas and removed after the holidays. It is a tradition that Christmas presents are placed at its feet, waiting for the day of the feast when they can be opened.

The origins of the Christmas tree are pagan. It seems that at the base of the Christmas tree, there are the ancient customs, typical of many cultures, to decorate the various Paradise Trees with ribbons, torches, small bells, and votive animals.

The druids, ancient priests of the Celts, noticing that the fir trees always remained green even during the winter, considered them a symbol of long life.

For this reason, they began to honor them on the feast of the winter solstice. The Vikings from the far north of Europe believed that the spruce tree was able to express magical powers since it did not lose its leaves even in the cold winter.

The trees were cut down, taken home, and decorated with fruit, reminding them of the fertility that spring would bring back. The Romans also used to decorate their houses with pine branches during the Calends of January.

With the advent of Christianity, the use of the Christmas tree also became established in Christian traditions. What gives the Christmas tree its Christian meaning is the biblical scene of Eden, developed in the “mysteries”.

Legend has it, however, that the modern tradition of decorating the fir tree came from Germany: it seems that a man, on Christmas Eve, was enchanted by the stars shining through the branches of a fir tree.

So he cut it, took it home and decorated it with red candles. From this, the habit of decorating the Christmas tree was born all over the world.