Cabbage Coloring Pages Ideas

Cabbage is one of the most nutritious and healthy vegetables in the world. It should be considered fundamental for our diet, because of the richness and variety of its beneficial properties.

In the cabbage family, we find curly kale, black and red cabbage, savoy cabbage, head cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. You can get these vegetables in the coloring pictures below. Happy coloring.

Cabbage Coloring Pages

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Although they are now produced throughout the countries, cabbages originate from the coastal areas of Central and Southern Europe.

The Egyptians cultivated them as early as 2500 BC, and a few centuries later, the Greeks and Romans too. They attributed to these vegetables the property of aiding digestion and mitigating the negative consequences of alcohol intake.

Due to the strong trade relations that were already taking place in Roman times, cabbage cultivation gradually spread and became popular in various areas of the Mediterranean.

Its consumption was consolidated during the Middle Ages. It was at this time that they began to be stored and transported.

During the sixteenth century, its cultivation spread to France and England. During the 19th century, European colonial powers were the ones to cover their consumption worldwide.

However, cabbages were considered a peasant’s food, so they were not consumed among the more distinct social classes.

Today, they are one of the essential vegetables in temperate zones. Among its varieties, white cabbage stands out.

Cabbage with cabbage is a vegetable species that includes a large number of very different varieties.

Those currently marketed are derived from wild cabbage, which persists on the Atlantic coasts of France and England.

There are early, mid-season, late, autumn, and winter varieties. The most notable are: cabbage, savoy cabbage, and red cabbage.