Green Broccoli Coloring Pages

Broccoli is a plant that has long since settled, definitely, in the diet of humans. You can get these amazing vegetables on this page. You can print then color them as you like. Happy coloring.

Broccoli is native to Asia Minor and currently the People’s Republic of China is the main producer of this vegetable.

Broccoli Coloring Pages

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Although its cultivation and consumption has spread to most countries that have areas of fresh climate, ideal for its development.

Previously this type of plant was known as cruciferous and has similarities in appearance with the cauliflower, it differs from it by its intense green color.

Its main characteristic is its abundant inflorescences that have the appearance of small trees, joined to tender stems. It is these numerous flower heads that are suitable for consumption when they are still immature.

Unlike the cauliflower that only has a central floral head, the broccoli has the same floral head and can be surrounded by numerous flowers around it.

The leaves of this plant have elongated petioles, limbs with lobed leaves of an important size, grayish green very wavy, showing deep lobes. The leaves surround the inflorescences as a protection.

When the flowers mature, making the plant useless for consumption, they present 4 petals of a pale yellow color.

The fruits are presented in form of silicas that open when ripening releasing the seeds, these fruits are of a pink color.

Only the inflorescences, when not yet mature, and the central stem to which they are attached are the only edible parts of the broccoli.

In addition to its pleasant taste, broccoli is high in vitamin C and rich in fiber, which helps to significantly improve the digestive tract.

This food has a nutrient known as diindolymethane which is an important modulator of the immune system, improving the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer activity.

The glucoraphane contained in this plant is transformed by the organism into sulforaphane which also acts as an anti-cancer.

Another chemical compound contained in broccoli is indole3-carbinol which acts by repairing the DNA chain, becoming a blocker of the growth of cancer cells.