Exotic Avocado Coloring Pages Ideas

The avocado is a fleshy exotic fruit obtained from the tropical tree of the same name. On this page, you can find these exotic fruits on the following coloring pictures below.

You can choose the images you like then print them. So, let us color them with your favorite color. It is going to be perfect for your daily activity. Happy coloring.

Avocado Coloring Pages

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It is a leafy tree, with a thick and erect trunk, its flowers are small and yellowish-green. The most characteristic part of the avocado is its fruit of the same name.

The avocado is a fruit that has green skin, although sometimes you can find dark brown to red varieties, inside it has a large seed.

The edible pulp is yellow, creamy when ripe, with a somewhat sweet flavor, pleasant to the palate. In many places, this fruit is often confused with a vegetable.

The avocado is a perennial plant, with an active life span of 25 years in wild cultivars. However, in improved varieties, the life cycle can be shortened by 15-18 years.

These plants have continuous growth throughout their life cycle due to apical dominance and slow growth of terminal buds.

This process favors the development of axillary buds, which are the source of flowering and subsequent fruitiness.

Avocado cultivation takes place in tropical and subtropical regions of the five continents.

However, the highest level of production and productivity is obtained in America, Mexico, the first producer of avocadoes worldwide.

The cultivation of avocado requires certain agro-ecological conditions related to altitude, temperature, humidity, soil, and topography, to achieve an abundant harvest.

It is a species that shows active growth and development between 400-1,800 meters above sea level.

In terms of temperature, it adapts to a range of 17-30ÂșC, being highly susceptible to low temperatures. It requires an average of 1,200-2,000 mm of annual rainfall and relative humidity of 60%.