St. Petersburg Festival | Celebrate the Arts
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SPF 15 features music and dance performances, fine arts and local and national artists, along with exclusive private events from September 10th through September 27th, 2015.

While some events require a separate ticket, most events are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.


“The St. Petersburg Festival, known as SPF 15, will celebrate local artists, art- centric businesses and creative people here in our sunshine city.”- Bob Lang, President of the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg


Since 1896, St. Petersburg residents have celebrated their City with parades and events which feature music, dancing, performance art and fine art. Today, we still do. This photograph (above) is of Central Avenue in February of 1926 during what was then known as the St. Petersburg Festival of States Parade, an annual event which, until about ten years ago, attracted tourists and visitors from all over the world. Since the 1950s, the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg, the official ambassadors of St. Petersburg, have produced community events that celebrate the arts and help raise funds for middle school and high school students of the arts. The 2015 St. Petersburg Festival, in association with the City of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg, showcases local artists, our city’s creative cultural community and the businesses and community leaders who make St. Petersburg an international arts destination.

Suncoasters: A History of Celebrating the Arts in St. Pete

St. Petersburg Local Art

2015 St. Petersburg Festival Events

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